Whole Loans

Apex Capital Management Ltd’s Whole Loan Sales and Trading Platform is a leading full-service whole loan trading desk in the U.S. and a recognized leader in commercial and residential real estate. Apex Capital Management Ltd’s Whole Loan Desk capitalizes on its experienced team of real estate and capital market professionals and an exceptional sales platform to perform comprehensive portfolio disposition, evaluation, and structuring advisory services to assist our clients with strategically managing their balance sheets and loan portfolios.

Client Services

Asset Disposition Advisory and Management
Devise and execute loan disposition strategies to maximize pricing and negotiate favorable trade terms.  Hands-on approach in each stage of trade: portfolio review, asset selection, pre-trade due diligence, marketing materials, bid review, transaction   documentation, settlement, and post-closing.

Loan Level Pricing
Accurate loan-level price guidance on whole loan portfolios to assist with strategic balance sheet decisions.  Pricing guidance across the entire credit spectrum from prime bank quality to non-performing loans as well as REO assets.

Unbiased Market Intelligence
Our trading desk is a comprehensive source of market insight, pricing trends, investor appetite, and price drivers with an overall understanding to optimize whole loan trades in the secondary market.

With over 4,000 banks, insurance companies, REITs, specialty finance, private equity and hedge fund clients, Apex Capital Management Ltd has the relationships to find assets that meet client’s risk tolerance and investment criteria.


  • Commercial (Office, Multi-Family, Retail, Etc.)
  • Single Family Residential
  • Performing Bank Quality and Non-Bank Quality
  • Sub and Non-Performing
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I)
  • Consumer
  • Acquisition, Development and Construction (ADC)
  • Small Balance Commercial (Less than $5MM in UPB)
  • Troubled-Debt Restructures (TDRs)
  • Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Structured Transactions
  • Mezzanine Debt