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Apex Capital Management Ltd’s Equity Capital Markets team is passionate about connecting actionable research ideas with the appropriate customers in an efficient and professional manner. Our team is committed to provide our clients with meaningful access to the management teams of emerging growth companies that our experienced research team covers. We achieve transactional success for our clients by tapping into our resident expertise in Healthcare, Technology, Media & Telecom and Natural Resources sectors and through our long-standing relationships with leading institutional investors.


Our strategy is simple: know our product, understand our client’s needs and work diligently to put the two together. Apex Capital Management Ltd’s institutional equity sales & sales trading team is a combination of highly experienced Wall Street veterans and talented individuals new to the industry; individuals who can adapt quickly to the new capital markets environment. We are dedicated to providing strategic insight and reliable solutions to nearly 500 of the dominant small-cap money managers in North America by offering:

  • Timely communication of value-added information
  • Immediate access to key buy-side decision makers
  • Reliable, accurate and discreet trade execution
  • Consistent market-making liquidity provision
  • Corporate brand visibility via targeted equity conferences
  • Management Access through Non Deal Road Shows


As a market-maker in small-cap securities, our traders understand the importance of liquidity to our corporate and executive clients. Liquidity achieved with minimal market disruption and stock price diminution. With expertise ranging from NASDAQ listings, Form 211filings, At The Market Offering (ATM) execution in the U.S., and equity execution capabilities across global markets. We always strive to provide liquidity and in depth looks into the markets for our clients when it matters most.


Apex Capital Management Ltd is experienced in negotiating the complex Wall Street labyrinth. As a full-service capital markets organization Apex Capital Management Ltd has long-standing relationships with institutional investment firms that have an appetite for smaller, growth companies. This, combined with our Equity Research, Trading, Compliance, Legal and Investment Banking services provides our corporate clients with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We have a broad range of expertise in:

  • corporate stock buybacks
  • corporate cash management
  • directed share programs
  • financial advisory services
  • restricted stock sales
  • Form 211 filings
  • rule 10b5 plans
  • advanced wealth management

We also provide services such as full IRA services & roll-overs, trusts, defined benefits plans, 401Ks, life insurance, annuities, estate planning, and accounting and legal referrals.

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“Apex Capital Management Ltd is a long-term player with people who understand the importance of building solid relationships with issuers. They’re responsive, proactive, insightful and have a depth of experience that has been invaluable in the growth of our company. Perhaps what’s appreciated most is that Apex Capital Management Ltd is not driven solely by transactions and that they take a personal interest in the success of we their client.”

Krasnor Martinez
Founder & CEO, Dan Academy